Where can I get Bean Bros! products?  Is there a Bean Bros! cafe / restaurant?

Normally we deliver jars of Bean Bros. dals and curries to offices and homes throughout the great Munich metropolitan area, and in the winter we run a pop-up shop in Schwantalerstr. 131 (but don’t go there now…you’ll find an ice cream parlor!).

At the moment however, we are taking a break from cooking and delivering to explore next steps and find investors for expansion.  Follow us on Facebook, or sign up for our Newsletter to get news on where and when Bean Bros. products will be available in the future.

Does Bean Bros! make non-vegetarian food?


Is Bean Bros! food vegan?

All Bean Bros! food is vegan.

How healthy and nutritious is Bean Bros! food and why?

Our food is very healthy.   Pulses are high in fiber, protein and essential minerals, and relatively low in carbs.  So although you’ll feel satisfied from eating Bean Bros! food, it won’t weigh you down.  We use fresh vegetables and cook in small batches with absolutely no preservatives, stabilizers or other funky things you don’t need.

Does Bean Bros! do private caterings?

Yes! Please contact us for info on price and availability.