About Us

From the beginning we have made this food to share something wonderful, something that was given to us freely and that we really enjoy passing on to others.  We delight in watching people eating it for the first time and seeing how excited and curious they become… “How can it be so tasty and filling without meat?” Our food is hand made in small batches with lots of love and care.   There are no preservatives.  No animals have to die or suffer to produce our food.  It’s good for body and soul, and you can feel it instantly.

We got our start catering concerts and music festivals with our food truck, the “Beanwagon”. Feedback like “we can’t stop eating it” and “this is highly addictive” encouraged us to expand into business catering, restaurant supply and packaged food.  You can now pick up the latest Bean Bros. creations at select cafes, shops and delicatessens, or order it for delivery direct to your office or home.